Obama Wins South Carolina

    Obama won the South Carolina primary. I watched his victory speech last night, it was actually pretty moving. I watched Hillary’s too, but CNN cut it in half for a commercial break! Ouch.
 I am always annoyed when the Democratic candidates talk about the foreclosure crisis. People are victims of buying houses they can’t afford?!

 Naturally, they want to spread around government money and force loan companies to renegotiate loan terms with homeowners.  Maybe the government can help me with car payments so I can get a new Jeep. As John McCain said, “…government action is the last resort and not the first.” This all points to a much bigger issuse, which I believe (with Barry Goldwater), stems from a fundemental belief in human nature. But that’s boring stuff…..

My knee pain has subsided for now due to a simple pair of insoles (Thank you Dr. Scholl!!!).  A slow but painless 7 1/2 miles yesterday felt great! It’s been so cold in Georgia.  I’m watching Roberta McCain on CSPAN. She’s John McCain’s mom and she’s ANCIENT. The interviewer asked, “What special moments do you remember John McCain’s childhood?” and she goes, “I don’t seem to remember any moments… really….” She answered about two questions now that … were…. actually never asked. It’s that awkward kind of feeling that you get when you get stuck next to an old “talker” on an airplane. Anyway, have a good week everyone.

State of the Union is on Monday, and two debates are this week!


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  1. You do make a valid point about not having personal responsibility for the government’s inability to balance the budget. I do think, though, that a time of recession is when the federal government should be concerning its citizens with making sacrifices, not receiving hand-outs. That said, I do at least have an elementary understanding of monetary policy, and I see certain ironic implications for this emergency tax break.

    I, too, am annoyed when the “foreclosure crisis” is seen as a predator-victim relationship. Too much emphasis has been placed upon ubiquitous homeownership in our country. Truth is, not everyone is cut out for owning where they live. If they cannot understand the relationship between interest rates, the market value of their home, and the affordability of their six-figure loan, they should probably reconsider entering into a 30-year payment cycle.

    P.S. I am glad you’ve started blogging again.

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