McCain = Bob Dole Ver. 2.0

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. My picks are Hillary and Romney or Huckabee. My prediction is Obama and McCain.  I think Republicans are going to lose the general, no matter what. Please don’t vote for John McCain. I think he’s a great American patriot, and I don’t understand why he wants do this again. He’s so Bob Dole and “I use AOL.”  He’s so 1999-2000, and so  6-years-ago campaign finance reform….

I went for a run today and it was absolutely beautiful outside. I found a trail that I didn’t know about. There was a beautiful fog this evening. It’s thin wisps hovered over the wetlands and the wooden bridge/trail.

There is a pervasive pine smell in the entire state of Georgia. The pine trees are extremely tall. I love the Deep South sometimes. When I’m on the trails, I wonder how people make it in the city. I guess I miss the excitement, but I am enjoying my time here. However, I would kill someone for a piece of Chicago pizza right now. I guess the grass is always greener.


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  1. beowulf

    I feel bad for McCain, because 2000 should have been his year. I remember when he ran then (in the midst of peace and prosperity) that some commentator said he’d be the perfect candidate if the US was facing invasion by aliens. If the presidential race had taken place in 2002, McCain would ridden the post-9/11 hysteria to the White House.

    I just voted for Romney, I’d like to see the race come down to him and Obama and the GOP race is the only one that looks tight (I like that Georgia lets you pick the primary you want to vote in when you get there).

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