Stuff Boring White Girls Talk About

There are few things I dread more than job interviews. I have another one tomorrow. With a lawyer. Just one. I’m sure I’ll have a story for you.

 I watched the movie “Capote” last night. I watched it about a year ago, thought it was lame, and read “In Cold Blood” anyway. “In Cold Blood” turned out to be one of the best books I’ve ever read.”Capote” was a lot more enjoyable after I read the book. If you haven’t read “In Cold Blood” yet, definitely you should.

I’m hesitant to apply to law school. I have two picked out, but I am honestly nervous about the enormous amount of debt I’ll acquire. Especially since I want to do something to help people. How will I pay off those loans without selling out?!

 The post-graduation let down….the harsh reality of life !  ! ! Is this all there is??? 8-5??
Is this as good as it gets? Anyone? ? Anyone??  ? ?

May I suggest:

  Dr. Bronner’s organic magic peppermint pure-castile soap. Exhiliarting and tingly-cool despite the weird and creepy “ALL-ONE-GOD-FAITH” religious rantings on the bottle. Get it.



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5 responses to “Stuff Boring White Girls Talk About

  1. beowulf

    You’re too smart to go to law school (and yes I’m a lawyer). I agree with every word this guy says:

    So what career should you pursue? The phrase that pays is non-tradable service. Containerized shipping and the internet mean that any product that can be built in China will be and any service that can be emailed in from India will be as well.

    So what can’t be moved? Government work requires US citizenship, defense contracting requires a security clearance. So find a job with The Man and be happy with the benefits. The other recession-proof industry that can’t be moved— health care.

    If you were just out of high school, I’d say go to nursing school. You can become an RN with only a 2 year associates degree and make more than most liberal arts grads (and far more job security). Since you have a bachelors, go for a Physicians Assistant masters degree.

    My kid sister is a medical resident and she always says, PAs do 80% of what internists do with 10% of the hassle. On an hourly basis, you’d make more than the typical lawyer and “Every day will allow you, –will invite you to add something to the pleasure of others, –or to diminish something of their pains.”

  2. Actually, there’s a very good answer to your question. I faced the same dilemma. How do I go into public service while still paying student loans and having a life?

    Read that information, check out the powerpoint, and get to work on your law school applications. Because of that new legislation, you can go into work that will help people, pay student loan payments based on income, and after ten years at a qualified public interest job the government will forgive the rest of your loans.

    I wish you all the best!

  3. P.S. What schools are you thinking of?

  4. wow beowulf. thanks for the advice and the compliment. I apperciate. I actually thought about Physicians Assistant masters degree this morning, before I even read what you wrote. maybe we’re on to something.

  5. beowulf

    You’re welcome. These guys pick apart every single angle of becoming a PA and are worth checking out.

    The thing about the health care field is, between strong hiring demand and competency-based testing, its much less credential-bound than the legal field. So it doesn’t really matter which school you go to as long as you pass the relevant licensing exam.

    To take the case of the doc I mentioned up thread, she finagled her way into a foreign medical school without actually taking any pre-med classes or the MCAT. Then with with her med school grades and board scores, landed a residency at an Ivy League program.

    The equivalent career track for a lawyer (say, going from an unaccredited law school to a corporate law firm) is inconceivable.

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