Half Marathon?

I like to run, but I don’t really run *that* far.

Despite that, I’m thinking about running the half marathon out here in Atlanta. Here’s the catch: It’s in 35 days. It’s my understanding that you shouldn’t run the half marathon or the marathon unless you’ve trained for a long time or you could hurt yourself. … but I figure that it’d be an interesting challenge. Has anyone actually run one without really training too hard for it??

I ran 8 miles today and I felt pretty good about it… but a half marathon is 13.1.  …. I’ve cut back my weekly mileage big time and I haven’t been able to run very much because I started a new job and I’m working a lot. Anyway, this should be somewhat interesting. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully I won’t hurt myself.

– more tomorrow


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  1. Rachel, I can’t caution you enough against running unprepared in a half marathon, or any race for that matter.

    Last October, I was running a half marathon (which I’ve done before) for which I had trained very little. I felt terrible by mile 8, was completely gassed by mile 10, and by the time I finished (behind the MARATHON winner) I had sustained a sprained ligament in my right foot which left me sidelined from running until mid-December.

    It’s not a good idea to run unprepared. Even when you’re prepared it can be a hazardous, draining activity…but unprepared, you’re simply asking for trouble.

    I understand the desire to compete, to conquer the half…and ultimately the marathon (I hope!), but you should really train before doing so.

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