You Wanna Piece of Me(at)?

I ran 10 1/2 miles today. It’s perfect running weather here.
My running has really improved since I starting eating meat again. After about 7 months, I’m back to eating das Fleisch!. Bleh. Small changes in my personal life do not make that a big of a societal difference. Animals are still treated horribly whether I touch it or not. I still won’t eat beef or KFC chicken.  I hope to God things change in that industry. I choose not to think about some of the horrible things I’ve read about slaughterhouses. If they were made of glass, we’d ALL be vegetarians.

 While I’m on the topic of eating, why are women celebrities so skinny? Why is this so popular? I’m as guilty as the next person. I read the magazines and go to the websites. I even think a lot of them look good. But I can’t helping wondering, when did Thin become so In?


It seems to me that celebs are becoming androgynous. Girls starve themselves too look like boys and boys look like this:

 I wonder where he got that blush. I like that shade.

Women! Stop starving yourselves! We need all the strength we can get out here!!!!! REFUSE to do it! Just be healthy!


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  1. “Small changes in my personal life do not make that a big of a societal difference. Animals are still treated horribly whether I touch it or not”

    Sure, if you were the only person in the world to stop eating meat, it wouldn’t make a difference. But, as part of a growing movement you can make a difference to animals – and the environment, the world’s starving and your health.

    If everyone stopped eating meat, no more animals would be killed for their flesh and it’s important that all of us who care about animals lead by example.

    Perhaps you could try increasing your protein by eating foods like quinoa, soy, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds, rather than meat?

    Olympic champion Carl Lewis is vegan. Six times winner of the Ironman, Dave Scott, is vegetarian.

    You don’t need meat to be an excellent athlete!

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