President Bush predicts GOP sweeps in November, calls it a “fabulous year for Republicans” and  is “excited about the year 2008.”

 ….somebody should really tell him.


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  1. beowulf

    Oh boy. The thing to remember about Bush is… he’s the family screwup (Fredo in The Godfather terms). His own parents thought his golden boy younger brother Jeb would grow up to be president. Literally no one from his formative years foresaw great things for him and every job he got– from Air National Guard pilot to oil prospector to baseball team co-owner– he got through family connections.

    So what happened? After Old Man Bush’s loss in 1992, the family political machine immediately redirected towards a 2000 Jeb Bush presidential campaign. The first step was Jeb’s long planned 1994 run for Florida governor. Out of the blue that year, George W. announces he’s going to run for Texas governor.

    Confounding all expectation, Jeb lost and W. won. Of course Jeb won 4 years later and went on to be an incredibly successful two term governor (he left office with a 66% approval rating). But Jeb will never be president, after his ’94 loss, the family machine made the disastrous decision to stick with the plan, but put W. in the White House instead.

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