Georgia ING Half


I finished the half marathon with 9 minute miles today.
Kinda slow, I know, but it’s just a start.
 I’m just glad I didn’t stop running for the duration of 13 miles.

The race seemed uphill, and it was 40 degrees and rainy.
I pulled both calves at mile nine, but  survived.



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4 responses to “Georgia ING Half

  1. 9 minute miles is great. Congrats on completing the half. The medal looks very very nice.

    I’m looking forward to getting back to running myself. 9 minute miles would be a great goal for me.

  2. Congrats …having run it with a friend of mine, I felt your pain and the Weather was quite bone chilling, but it was a great turn out….Keep it up and good luck.

  3. Congrats on a GREAT run!! 9 min miles are superb! I ran it as well and thought it was a very difficult course, with all the down hill to speak of being at the beginning and then when you are already tired, facing the biggie hills. UGH! But we made it! Congrats!! Happy trails…. Hilly

  4. Good job on the run! My training group had 9 run the full and 4 run the Half. Its a tough course. If you live anywhere near Gwinnett County/Suwanee/etc….we have an awesome training group you can join! Check us out!

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