Today’s 5k and a new PR

I went to the Alpharetta Mayor’s Challenge today at 6:40 AM.

As I drove up I realized that this would my first run as an old 23 year old. Man, I’m getting ancient!

Anyway, I show up to the race early. It’s 48 degrees and I have a singlet and running shorts on. Ouch.

I got my number – 423. I signed up for the three mile (5k) race instead of what I had planned for – the 10k. I was cold.  I also had felt funny the night before and didn’t sleep well so I decided not to push it. I really should have ran the 10k because I was sorry when the 5k was over so quickly.

I got 23.57, which just “OK”, but is still a personal record. I was third in my age group. I should have warmed up and I should have done the 10k! It was fun, though.

My future goal for the 5k is 22:40, or even better yet, 20 minutes flat. There were some really fast kids there.

Tonight I’m chilled to the bone and feeling under the weather.
I did so many different things today — I’m exhausted. 

I have a feeling that 23 is going to be a great year. Early next May you’ll have to ask me if I was right.



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