September Wrap-Up and My New Infinite Playlist

 This post is also titled: Why I’m obsessed with Sam Beam and Elliott Smith these days…. So my new infinite playlist includes the following songs: Polly Come Home/ Alison Krauss&Robert Plant; Boy with a Coin & Carousel/ Iron and Wine, Let’s Get Lost and A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to Be Free: by Elliott Smith, On Your Way / by The Album Leaf (maybes = ?); Cannot Get, Started / Handsome Furs (?), That Dress Looks Nice on You, To be Alone With You – Sufjan Stevens… I also might include some Jeff Buckley or Nina Simone… The shins? Or are they played out?

Ok, my running’s been OK. I ran in Dallas a few weeks ago and ran a 5k in 24:50 which is lame… but it’s right about the 8:03/mile mark I have been stuck at for some time. I got second place overall for women and first in my age group with that bad time though. Not many 23 year old chick runners around White Rock these days…?

A good thing about running is all the stuff I find while I run. Behold, in the last month alone I have found:
1. Perfectly good cell phone
2. One Goosebumps book – “Monster Blood III” – good condition
3. One (1) Black Sharpie Marker.

So why do I run? With all this stuff laying around, how could I not. …? More later


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One response to “September Wrap-Up and My New Infinite Playlist

  1. Frank

    Who are you to steal from earth? People enjoy the planet how it is. Stop robbing earths Goosebumps books.

    Do you think your above the law?

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