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September Wrap-Up and My New Infinite Playlist

 This post is also titled: Why I’m obsessed with Sam Beam and Elliott Smith these days…. So my new infinite playlist includes the following songs: Polly Come Home/ Alison Krauss&Robert Plant; Boy with a Coin & Carousel/ Iron and Wine, Let’s Get Lost and A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to Be Free: by Elliott Smith, On Your Way / by The Album Leaf (maybes = ?); Cannot Get, Started / Handsome Furs (?), That Dress Looks Nice on You, To be Alone With You – Sufjan Stevens… I also might include some Jeff Buckley or Nina Simone… The shins? Or are they played out?

Ok, my running’s been OK. I ran in Dallas a few weeks ago and ran a 5k in 24:50 which is lame… but it’s right about the 8:03/mile mark I have been stuck at for some time. I got second place overall for women and first in my age group with that bad time though. Not many 23 year old chick runners around White Rock these days…?

A good thing about running is all the stuff I find while I run. Behold, in the last month alone I have found:
1. Perfectly good cell phone
2. One Goosebumps book – “Monster Blood III” – good condition
3. One (1) Black Sharpie Marker.

So why do I run? With all this stuff laying around, how could I not. …? More later


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birthday weekend and week

I turned 23 last weekend.

I’m got these vibram five fingers:

I  also got a garmin GPS and a book about running marathons, among other things.
I got a raise this week. i got a “tax bonus” from the US government,
which felt kind of weird… i went hiking and strawberry picking. I also went on the Roswell
ghost tour, which was amazing.

I’ve been running but my I think I sprained my knee.

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The Dates and Times of a Non-Runner’s Runs

July 21, 2007 – Too Hot to Handle 5k Open (3.1 miles)  – 30.27   pace: 9:47 m/m
(first race ever)

Feb 7 2008 – Chattahoochee Challenege 10k (6.2 miles) – 57:33      pace: 9:15 m/m

March 20, 2008 – Georgia ING Half Marathon (13.1 miles) – 2:06:52    pace: 9:40 m/m

(PR)*** April 19, 2008 – Water for the World 5k (3.1 miles) – 25:03 (first in age group?!)   pace: 8:03 m/m ***

April 27, 2008 – Homestretch Challenege 10K (6.2) – 53:54 (first in age group..?) pace: 8:40 m/m

The Homestretch Challenege was definitely not my best work. I was tired and I was not ready.

……Also, I’ll admit I was pretty scared to run the half marathon. I sprinted at the end and I knew I was holding out because I was scared of the mileage.

Other than that, my only excuse is that I’m a NON-RUNNER!
However, it does feel good to break into the 8’s!

By the way, I won three months of free access to “Curves” in a raffle at the Homestretch Challenege…?!
I gave it to m mom.

GOALS: 5k – 22:40
10k – 47:25
1/2 Marathon – 1:45
Marathon: 3:40 or less! (Boston Qualify!)

This will probably take more than a year.

 <— “Homestretch” Trophy

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R.I.P. Fiona

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Drunk Driver

I was hit by a drunk driver tonight. I’m fine though.


No exceptions: even if you are the star of your own “little people” reality television show.

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You Wanna Piece of Me(at)?

I ran 10 1/2 miles today. It’s perfect running weather here.
My running has really improved since I starting eating meat again. After about 7 months, I’m back to eating das Fleisch!. Bleh. Small changes in my personal life do not make that a big of a societal difference. Animals are still treated horribly whether I touch it or not. I still won’t eat beef or KFC chicken.  I hope to God things change in that industry. I choose not to think about some of the horrible things I’ve read about slaughterhouses. If they were made of glass, we’d ALL be vegetarians.

 While I’m on the topic of eating, why are women celebrities so skinny? Why is this so popular? I’m as guilty as the next person. I read the magazines and go to the websites. I even think a lot of them look good. But I can’t helping wondering, when did Thin become so In?


It seems to me that celebs are becoming androgynous. Girls starve themselves too look like boys and boys look like this:

 I wonder where he got that blush. I like that shade.

Women! Stop starving yourselves! We need all the strength we can get out here!!!!! REFUSE to do it! Just be healthy!

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Bush Says He’ll Help McCain Win

President Bush and John McCain at the White House


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