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Running Rebound

It’s hard to take time off and come back to running.
I traveled to Ecuador and then to Dallas, so I missed two or three weekends of long runs.

Boy have I felt it. It’s tough to get out there and feel like you are pounding pavement and panting. 
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Atlanta. I can’t wait until I can take some plaid shirts and pumpkins out. I have a feel the fall is going to be really beautiful here, and I hope  I’m back on my game in terms of running soon.

 I may have to settle for doing the half marathon again this fall instead of the whole marathon. My last race was only a 5k and was quite a bit slower (1 minute and 30 seconds slower) than my PR, and my long runs just haven’t been there.

I any case, it was totally worth missing the runs. Ecuador was amazing. Dallas, as always, was great. I’ll write more about them later.

Tonight, I went back to yoga after missing a few weeks. it felt great to stretch out and see some familiar faces. I really like yoga, and I never really thought I would. It’s a nice ying to running’s yang, and I can definitely feel a difference in my running after I do some stretching.

Anyway, I am almost done with my Tumblr site about my trip to Ecuador. As soon as it’s done, I’ll post the link here.


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10k Road Race Today

  Question:: What’s better than waking up at 6:00 AM on a Saturday and running a 10K road race with complete strangers in 37* weather?? I”ll tell you what: Beating your record!

The road course was great. Actually, far be it from me to judge a race- this is only my second real one. I only started running two summers ago. At that time, I literally couldn’t run around a soccer field. Running was hard at first, but I started to enjoy it. In the past four weeks, I ran 74 miles (which isn’t that much for most runners). I plan on cutting that down during the next two weeks. 

Anyway, the rich people out here have some weird running gear.  I saw men with glistening blue tights. Water bottles that attach to your hips. Flat running shoes that looked like they were from Mars. Interesting. I also saw a man with No Shoes AT ALL.  It sure was beautiful out this morning. Don’t be fooled by the men in the front with shorts and no shirts. It was ice cold.  

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I just finished a book called “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.” It’s a recent bestseller. Sometimes it’s nice to step away from the classics and look for a gem in the world of pop literature. The book was average – an easy read. I enjoyed the writing style but the subject matter was not really for me. I’m trying to decide whether I want to go back to Crime and Punishment. It was living up to it’s name, so I gave it a break. If you’ve read a good book lately, please let me know!

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Super Tuesday…?

union.jpg My brother goes to Union University. Over 50 students were injured and some were trapped when the dormitories collapsed in Tennessee; my brother pulled some of them out. He’s alive, but his Saab and dorm room were destroyed. Winds damaged every building, with winds reaching 200 mph. Needless to say, I’m glad they spraypainted “0 VICTIMS” on my brother’s room.
To read more about the horrible tornado.

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It’s Cold

Mike Huckabee had some really interesting things to say about Fair Tax tonight on the MSNBC debate.
I like Fair Tax. I think it’s an interesting idea, but how OUR government could execute that seismic shift is beyond me.

Say what you will about Ron Paul, but I kind of like him.
I don’t know if I would vote for someone who probably wouldn’t win. They say every voted should be weighed, not counted…. right?

I thought Rudy did a bad job tonight. I’m sorry about that, too. I liked Rudy.
In other news, it’s freezing here. The windchill now is 15*! I can’t handle it.
I thought it’s supposed to be warm in the South?

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