birthday weekend and week

I turned 23 last weekend.

I’m got these vibram five fingers:

I  also got a garmin GPS and a book about running marathons, among other things.
I got a raise this week. i got a “tax bonus” from the US government,
which felt kind of weird… i went hiking and strawberry picking. I also went on the Roswell
ghost tour, which was amazing.

I’ve been running but my I think I sprained my knee.


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The Dates and Times of a Non-Runner’s Runs

July 21, 2007 – Too Hot to Handle 5k Open (3.1 miles)  – 30.27   pace: 9:47 m/m
(first race ever)

Feb 7 2008 – Chattahoochee Challenege 10k (6.2 miles) – 57:33      pace: 9:15 m/m

March 20, 2008 – Georgia ING Half Marathon (13.1 miles) – 2:06:52    pace: 9:40 m/m

(PR)*** April 19, 2008 – Water for the World 5k (3.1 miles) – 25:03 (first in age group?!)   pace: 8:03 m/m ***

April 27, 2008 – Homestretch Challenege 10K (6.2) – 53:54 (first in age group..?) pace: 8:40 m/m

The Homestretch Challenege was definitely not my best work. I was tired and I was not ready.

……Also, I’ll admit I was pretty scared to run the half marathon. I sprinted at the end and I knew I was holding out because I was scared of the mileage.

Other than that, my only excuse is that I’m a NON-RUNNER!
However, it does feel good to break into the 8’s!

By the way, I won three months of free access to “Curves” in a raffle at the Homestretch Challenege…?!
I gave it to m mom.

GOALS: 5k – 22:40
10k – 47:25
1/2 Marathon – 1:45
Marathon: 3:40 or less! (Boston Qualify!)

This will probably take more than a year.

 <— “Homestretch” Trophy

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R.I.P. Fiona

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    Is it just me? Or is this election a serious beat-down? f I can’t stand to hear Hillary/Obama/McPain ramble on. I used to be such a junkie! Come to think of it, I have noticed a certain level of apathy among all people who get really interested in politics. Following or studying politics for a few years is kind of like slowly finding out that your favorite TV show is fake. ….(although I found out that “The Hills” is fake, and I still watch (it’s def. not my fav…))

 What I mean to say is, I’m so tired of the doublespeak in politics. The sound bites. The photo ops. ARgh.

It’s rainy and cold here in Georgia and I haven’t gone running in five days. That could be why I’m in a bad mood.

In other news, I want set my sights on the next big run. 
To be honest, as a “non-runner,” I did not like running with and in front of so many people during the half marathon at all. I didn’t really think it was a fun experience, but I need a goal to work towards.

Any and all tips would be greatly apperciated! I’d be shocked if I could pull this one off. 
The full marathon is in November.

Also, I want to get the Nina Simone Pastal Blues CD.
I’ve listened to some of her stuff online and it seems good.

Pictures from the Georgia ING:

( I didn’t finish at 2:15 – the clock starts when the first people start running. It takes a lot of time to get up to the front. It took me about 13 minutes or so.)

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Georgia ING Half


I finished the half marathon with 9 minute miles today.
Kinda slow, I know, but it’s just a start.
 I’m just glad I didn’t stop running for the duration of 13 miles.

The race seemed uphill, and it was 40 degrees and rainy.
I pulled both calves at mile nine, but  survived.


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Interesting Week

I had a pretty awful week, overall. On Sunday, I dislocated my thumb. On Monday, I woke up extremely sick and missed work. On Tuesday, I was still feeling awful and I was groggy, so made a few mistakes at work because I didn’t sleep the night before. On Wednesday, a drunk driver hit me. On Thursday, I suffered a pretty severe anaphylaxis reaction to some antibiotics. Apparently there were antibiotics in some chicken I had the night before. It’s scary to have a reaction like that.

After I was feeling better today, I ran 6 miles with my brother (who’s home from Union University). The weather was absolutely beautiful and my whole family is still grateful he’s OK after what happened to his school. I guess things are pretty good after all. I still have the rest of the week ahead of me.

Half marathon in three (3) days…..

a slightly cheesy but still interesting video about Union University

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Drunk Driver

I was hit by a drunk driver tonight. I’m fine though.


No exceptions: even if you are the star of your own “little people” reality television show.

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