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Running Rebound

It’s hard to take time off and come back to running.
I traveled to Ecuador and then to Dallas, so I missed two or three weekends of long runs.

Boy have I felt it. It’s tough to get out there and feel like you are pounding pavement and panting. 
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Atlanta. I can’t wait until I can take some plaid shirts and pumpkins out. I have a feel the fall is going to be really beautiful here, and I hope  I’m back on my game in terms of running soon.

 I may have to settle for doing the half marathon again this fall instead of the whole marathon. My last race was only a 5k and was quite a bit slower (1 minute and 30 seconds slower) than my PR, and my long runs just haven’t been there.

I any case, it was totally worth missing the runs. Ecuador was amazing. Dallas, as always, was great. I’ll write more about them later.

Tonight, I went back to yoga after missing a few weeks. it felt great to stretch out and see some familiar faces. I really like yoga, and I never really thought I would. It’s a nice ying to running’s yang, and I can definitely feel a difference in my running after I do some stretching.

Anyway, I am almost done with my Tumblr site about my trip to Ecuador. As soon as it’s done, I’ll post the link here.


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