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Palin, Stop Winking at Me (also titled: Please Go Away)

 At first I liked Sarah Palin. I liked her speech at the Republican Convention… but now I wish McCain had chosen someone else for the VP slot.

I think Republicans are doing what Democrats did in the early 2000’s… I think they’re picking candidates who can’t actually articulate the actual idealogy of the parties. … people who aren’t really intellectuals but rather just strange people who are a little too extreme in their beliefs.

I really don’t like how Palin plays up the whole Wal*mart, winking-at-the-camera, “gosh darnit” moose-hunting hockey mom conservative caricature.  It makes the rest of us conservative women feel uncomfortable.  Give me Hillary Clinton any day, Palin’s little exaggerated winks and “don’t-cha-knows” are so embarrasing.  Where’s the conservative Hillary? You don’t have to be a moose-killing mom with a pregnant teenager to believe that less government is better. Bleech.

I mean, I really am embarrased of Palin. The worst was when Katie Couric asked Palin for a Supreme Court case that she disagreed with besides Roe w. Wade. Palin just babbled on and had no idea what to say.
She could have just said that it’s not her place to comment on the Supreme Court… or Plessy v. Ferguson or some crazy old case…  Ahh! It was so painful to watch.

I’m so over Palin. I’m so over this election. I can’t believe it’s coming down to this… what a nightmare. Also, killing animals is not cool for anybody. Shoot some skeet… but please no animals.


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