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September Wrap-Up and My New Infinite Playlist

 This post is also titled: Why I’m obsessed with Sam Beam and Elliott Smith these days…. So my new infinite playlist includes the following songs: Polly Come Home/ Alison Krauss&Robert Plant; Boy with a Coin & Carousel/ Iron and Wine, Let’s Get Lost and A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to Be Free: by Elliott Smith, On Your Way / by The Album Leaf (maybes = ?); Cannot Get, Started / Handsome Furs (?), That Dress Looks Nice on You, To be Alone With You – Sufjan Stevens… I also might include some Jeff Buckley or Nina Simone… The shins? Or are they played out?

Ok, my running’s been OK. I ran in Dallas a few weeks ago and ran a 5k in 24:50 which is lame… but it’s right about the 8:03/mile mark I have been stuck at for some time. I got second place overall for women and first in my age group with that bad time though. Not many 23 year old chick runners around White Rock these days…?

A good thing about running is all the stuff I find while I run. Behold, in the last month alone I have found:
1. Perfectly good cell phone
2. One Goosebumps book – “Monster Blood III” – good condition
3. One (1) Black Sharpie Marker.

So why do I run? With all this stuff laying around, how could I not. …? More later


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